Monday, December 27, 2010

Birds of The Desert

Good afternoon to all my friends out there.

We have had one wet winter, out here in this desert.  New streams have been popping up all around us.  I must say they do go away fast.

Here are a few bird photos DesertDale has taken with his " new camera" , I should say it not very new any more.  He does thoroughly enjoy his new  camera.

This is a Verin eating at the "hummingbird feeder".  He is a small chickadee-like bird, that lives in the desert scrub.  As you can see he is enjoying the humming bird feeder. The hummingbird sure does not like to share. This is the real thing,  not a doctoring up photo.
One hummingbird of about 150 photos DesertDale took.

These are our "permanent" finches out here in the desert.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much I have.

I must say the BLM is  one mixed up "organization".  That thoroughly covers them.


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