Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Storm From Hell

Afternoon to all my friends out there.
We have been with out sun for a few days.  So not much power.  Did rain ever come down in buckets.
(Thank google fot the photo.)We had a BLM man come in the first day we got to our "HubCap" site.  He gave us all a copy of the new rules  BLM has.  Here are a few: 1.Public nudity is prohibited.  2.It is prohibited for a person to ride in or transport another person or on a portion of a ORV or trailer that is not designed for that.  3.It is prohibited to use as firewood, or have in possession, any firewood materials containing nails, screws or other hardware.  4. You can not have glass beverage containers in or near developed sites or                ORV areas..
There is more at  and I mean much more.  He was being a gentleman about it but said we had to be out in 14 days or a "Highway Patrol" would ticket us.

It has rained so much that Ogliby was closed once again.  Pat and Jerry went to dinner before it was closed.  They had a time of getting back to our Hub Cap site.

We even had the dry wash, next to our rig, developed a running stream.

DesertDale is real excited for morning to arrive.  So he and Dick can go riding in the washes.

We had another very exciting happing last night.  The moon came out after the rain.  You could see a rainbow in the dark sky.  It was some to see.  It was a dark night with the moon shining bright , just after a rain.  Thanks to Rita for calling me and telling me about it.  It was a magnificent site.
Wish that rainbow would show up on this photo.
Now I must sign-off and go out-doors and enjoy that beautiful sun.

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