Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Ride They Will Go

Good morning folks. As you can see two the riders are getting ready to make a run around the mountain. Couple of nice looking guys there, even if I say so myself.  There are going to be about 6 riders. Not sure who all are going But lets try: Richard, DesertDale, Dick, Carol that is about  I know . There is 2 other riders but don't know their names.

DesertDale took me to a ghost town the other day, called "Ogliby".It was so far away.  I did not think we would ever get there, all of some one mile off our road.

Ogilby does have a cemetery that is still there.  It is just off Ogilby Rd. and the tracks.

The cemetery has been there since 1878.  There are no makers, just sticks here and there, as you see.
It is a unincorporated area now of Imperial County.  The post office had been operated from 1890 to 1895.
The elevation is all of 364 feet.
The name Ogilby was in honor E.R Ogilby who was a mine promoter.
Mines near by: Padre Madre Mine, Cargo Mine, American Girl  Mine, Occidental Mine, Tumco Mine and a few more.
Then you will notice the All American Canal and the sand duns, which get real busy at times.

I must sign off for now.  As I must turn "Spot" on to see where the riders are.

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