Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tumco, Historic Ghost Town

DesertDale just took this  as it was flying over head, with his new camera.  As the helicopter doesn’t wings, how about the rotors. Don’t know how it can Once again, folks it is a cloudy day out west, at Kitfox Lane. Nice but no breeze and not cold, but about 75.

fly with it’s rotors not turning. This pictures was not cropped, it flew low over
camp yesterday.  I must say he is getting good with it.

Kent and Leann has arrived Monday,  even Baily came with them.

DesertDale took me on a ride the other day to this "Historic Town of Tumco".  It was a going minning town back in the 1800's.
Gold was first founded in 1862 in the are.  Tumco had some 3,000 residents and many saloons.  Such as the Golden Queen, the Golden Cross and others.  They were open 24 hours a day.
Much more info  at:,tumco.html .   Hope that is right.
This is the slurry crap that was left by the minners over the years of useage.
Tumco was like many towns in the area.  It went through several periods of ups and downs.  One of the latest was in 1995, when American Girl Minning Joint Venture begain.

They had 40 to 100 stamp mills, that produced $1,000.00 per day in gold.

It slowy disappeared into the past.  There are very few things left to remind you of the past , but yhe residue will always be there to view.

There are just piles of rock on the graves has no markers,  as you can see.
graves, with no markers.
It was a very interesting site DesertDale took me too.  Plus it was not very far from our home base at Kitfox Lane

Clouds have came in.  So will cut this off.  Kitfoxgal

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