Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Gold" In Them There Hills, At One Tme

Good afternoon folks.  Finally DesertDale is back to his old tricks, it was about time.  He took me on a "surprise ride".  I will post that in a few days.

We are parked near the American Girl Mine, on Sidewinder Rd.

The mines in the area area American Girl Mine, Cargo Mine and the Golden Bee Mine.  These mines are called the most hazardous mines in the Southwest, at one time.  The cave-ins and fires they had was a very common thing.

With "gold" being at "$310 a ounce in the 1980's, it is being mined there once again by removing chunks of the mountain and retrieving what gold there is.
There are stories of many kind.  The one I like is the one about the mule that is credited for the discovery of it.  The mule had strayed from the wagon train in 1862.  When he was found, a nugget lay near the site.  So some one hollered "Gold" and the rush was on.

There are many stories of things that has happened:  1. The dirt-bike rider who tried to jump one of the pits and did not make it. 2. Men that has claimed into a shaft with ropes, then become overcome by gas and fell to their death.  There are many other to go along with these two.

Today the area is manged by the by the BLM.

This was a beauty of a sun set we had last night.  This is just a small part of the beauty you have the pleasure of seen out here.

Folks I am going to cut this short, as the Raiders and Jacksonville football game is on.  Raiders is still my team, even if Stabler is to old to play.


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