Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Birthday Lunch At Yacht Club In Quartzsite,Az.

Good afternoon folks. 
DesertDale  took me to lunch at the Yacht Club in Quartzsite, for my 18th birthday plus, birthday lunch.  What a joy the ride over there turned out to be.

The Yacht Club in Quartzsite is a site you should not miss if you are Quartzsite. should not miss, that is if you happen to be going there. 
You get a membership card, a T-shirt, burgee and a very important membership certificate.  It has world-wide privileges, which is good for life.

We went through the "Big" town of Ehrenberg.  DesertDale  even showed me their Post Office. 
We arrived in Parker at 10:15 a.m.
He first stop at the Kawasaki Bike shop, to get parts order for Dick.  Then on to Quartzsite.

Of course we had to stop at Walmart first. 

The best birthday gift I received , beside DesertDale's was a video from my son David.  It was one of my 3 grandchildren opening their Christmas gift I sent them.  David's gift to me  was a neat gift.  I love video and enjoyed it very much.  "Thanks David."

The "Fish" lunch we had was also excellent.  "Thanks DesertDale" and hope there are many more.

I stop and picked up some "Kettle Korn" for "Happy Hour" when we got back to our site, while in Parker.

Enjoy life.

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