Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Riding We Will Go

Good afternoon folks.
We had one fine "campfire" last night.  The wind died down and it was not cold.  As you can see there was a few of us "boondockers" that enjoyed  the fire  and the gabbing.
DesertDale surprised me and treated me to breakfast at the Steak and Cakes in Blythe.  Then we got water, went back to the our rig and let it off.  Then on the road again.

I missed the early morning fire.  Dave got it all going with out my help.  He even got the coffee going or at least some one did.  I have been slacking off on getting the morning fire going as we seem to have enough helpers out there to get it going.  Miss it though.

We got going,  down the dusty, dirty, BLM Rd..  What a fine adventure it turned out to be.  
We had miles and miles, about 50, of great  views along the road and the Colorado River, plus drove some distance on Cibola Rd. There was a few birds out.

We also was on the Berry Goldwater Range were they had these signs 14 every mile saying :

The Barry M. Goldwater Range is operated by the 56th Fighter Wing Range Management Office, Airspace and Range Operations office. The Barry M. Goldwater Range (formerly the Luke Air Force Range) is located in southwest Arizona. It serves the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps as an armament and high-hazard testing area; a training area for aerial gunnery, rocketry, electronic warfare, and tactical maneuvering and air support; and a place to develop equipment and tactics. It also serves other defense-related purposes. The Goldwater Range has generally served these and similar purposes since 1941, when it was established to train U.S. Army Air Corps pilots for World War II. Changing capabilities have been significant: military aircraft in World War II could shoot down enemy aircraft from a distance of about 600 feet, while today's aircraft can engage and shoot down an enemy from as far as 25 miles
We seen on our adventure  a few camp sites along the Colorado River .

This one site we seen a house built back into the side of the hill, near the river edge.  I would love to know what was there.  I will fine out and make a report to you about  it.

It just happens to be "Football T.V."  today. 2 play-off games today.


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