Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quartzsite's "FunTime"

Good morning to all my readers.  Sorry I have not been posting as I use to, but DesertDale and ower friends at Quartzsite has been keeping our butts busy.

DesertDale and his friend Tod, who is from Canada, has been doing their thing on their quad and KTM, exploring the country side around Quartzsite.

Here our "fellow boondockers" had a "Potatoe Roast" for lunch one afternoon, with DesertDale giving orders.

This is a "Boondocker" giving us a airshow when he was flying over our area.
Then on into Quartzside this morning, the back way on Sunkist Rd.
Came out on Plymonth Rd. into town.  Down our shopping . Then on to Dick and Virgina's at Dome Rock.

Had a good visit .  then on to see one of  "Josph Cone's  stone cabin, who was a very colorful characters of the area..  He lived there the 1960's when hw died and went to see the  "all mighty" at the age of 75.  On the smaller cabin the windows have been decoratedwith white rock,  he lived in this one.  The larger cabin was his work shop.  in the largs cabib he turned ironwood into lovely bowls and lamp stands.   You can learn more about him at the Quartzsite Museum.

Home we go and lunch. 
Enjoy life.  Kitfoxgal

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