Saturday, January 22, 2011

Craig's Solar Oven's

Good morning to all you fine folks out in the desert or where ever you might be. 
We went to Parker for supplies and water at Super Fuels.

Our boondocker, Craig, does a lot of his cooking by Solar Power.

Solar Power is really stored in the form of wood.  The first person known to build a box to solar cook food in was Horase de Sauaaure, a Swiss person.
He cooked fruits in a primitive solar cooker.
Temperature of 190 was reached.
The solar cookers of today started up in the 1950's .  More info at  (photo from goggle)

If I remember right Craig said it about 3 hours to cook chicken breast
 of 2 to 3 to cook.  Hope my memory is right, I am sure he will let me know if I am right or wrong.

There must be 50 or more rigs parked in our area, plus many more all around us.

Hope you all are enjoying life as DesertDale and Kitfoxgal are.


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