Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Excitement At Quartzsite

Good morning folks.  We woke up to a beautiful morning, no wind, no clouds and a smile on DesertDale's face.

DesertDale, Les, and Todd are off on the motorcycles for another ride. Hope they enjoy them selfs. I made sure I got my "hug" from DesertDale before they did.

As you have guessed we are still in the same old spot at Quartzsite.  Hope we will be on the road to Ajo. tomorrow, as the crowds are getting to us.

We sure had some excitment a few nights ago, not good.  Where the WINS are parked, which is across the road, there was a big fire.  It just kept getting brighter and brighter.  We were all think that sure was a large campfire they were building.  Then we seen about 3 firetucks pull in to thier sight.  Then we knew some one's rig was burning.  There were a few small pops and a lots of flames.  Walked over to the sight the next day and seen a rig totaly destored. 
The woman was able to get her guitar and computer out, as she was at dinner, with the neighbours.  The handles were so hot  when she opened the door the fire went  "ski high". 
They were able to move a few rigs, that was close by , away. One rig that was next to her was safed by the firemans water that was sprayed on it.  They said you could see the steam come off it, as soon as the water hit it.
They don't know what started it.

Well folks that was our excitement at Quartzsite.  Hope I never see it happen again.
Enjoy life.  KItfoxgal

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