Tuesday, February 22, 2011

American Girl Mine Adventure With Fellow Boondockers

Good afternoon folks.  What a magnificent adventure we Boondockers had in the American Girl Mine area.

Enjoyed the company we had.
DesertDale lead the way to "The Hole".

As you can see Mike was enjoying the view of "the hole"
 Next stop was the cabin that was made of rocks by some miner years ago.

Then the next cabin or I should say whats left of it.  was about 3miles away.  There was many objects at this site to show a few photos such as these:

The poor people had one hell of a rough time of it back in those days.

I guess you all know about the "earth quake"we had the other day, about 5p.m.
I was inside our rig and felt it.  DesertDale was out doing some work his KTM and did not fell it.

The "Wild Bunch" that took the fantastic ride to the old,old cabins.

Dick and Kay arrived from Silver Springs.  Had "Happy Hour" at their site.  Wish our fellow Boondockers stayed .  Would have enjoyed there company also.

Then off to our site we had one "crappy dinner".  The only thing I cook right was the biscuits.  But we did enjoy the pleasure of eating them.

It is a great day now, no wind.

Take care.  Kitfoxgal

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