Monday, February 21, 2011

No Sun No Power-----Happy Birthday Johnnie

With out that shiny thing, up there in the sky, there is no power.  No power no posting.  As we don't use that thing they call a generator for something like this.
I must say I am a little late on posting a "Happy Birthday" to no other then Johnnie.  
Terry in Sun City, NV.  gave him a "surprise party" .  She had his family there , as the weather was not so good that day.
His "sweet" mother bake a cake for him, with only 14 candles on it, as she did not want to start a forest fire.  She might have if she put the right number on.

This happen to be the lucky birthday boy, "Johnnie"
Johnnie was lucky enough to find his "dream car' setting on his table , when he came home, from his day of freedom, wish Terry gave him for his Birthday"
Johnnie had many family and friends at his home.  When he walk in they all poped-out of hiding and sung "Happy Birthday"

DesertDale went for a bike ride this morning, so he could find  the site to take fellow boondockers and Kitfoxgal on a ride at 11.00a.m.  As we have them close by.  Enjoying their company very much.


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