Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coyote On The Watch

Good morning to all my readers out there.
It is that time of year, when things are on the slow side.  We are back at our Sidewinder Rd. site , near Yuma.

Where the birds are arriving in the morning hours, just singing a way.  It sounds so good to hear their chirping bright and early.

The other day when we were still at our Ajo sight,  DesertDale shot this photo, with his good camara, of a coyote walking in the galley, right in front of our rig.  As you can see it wasa marvellous shot.
The coyote coat is long, course and gray, buffy and black. Their tail is bushy. With a black tip.  They run up to 40mph.  They eat small mammals, birds, frogs, snakes and berries or what ever they find laying around.  They have 4 to 8 pups in the spring.
They live in the desert, open plains, farms, towns and the forests.  They are activity day or night.
Love to hear their howling at night.

We had a flat tire at Gila bend.  Had it fixed at  "Good Year Certified Auto Service Center", next to Texaco Station in Gila Bend, AZ..
Come to find out it was the valve stem extension that was leaking.
The man that did the work was A1 repair man.  Did not have to wate. 
We would recommend that shop to any one.

Hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of the desert as much as we do.

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