Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Javelina" What A Surprise + Doc.s Birthday

(all photos of pigs came from google)
Good afternoon to my fine readers out here in this "desert".
DesertDale, Andy and Dick went for a ride around the mountain, about 50 miles.
Doc. had a Pizza party for the gang at "Happy Hour".  He does this every year, buys Pizza for the gang plus drink.  That is so sweet of him.  I believe he had about 35 , "good" pizza's this year for some 50 people, plus drinks for us all.
Then the next day we had another "Birthday" pop-up.  As you can see Shirley was enjoy cake that Velma , Virgina and Grace  made for her.  Enjoy by the riding group in the boondockers.
I went into town yesterday to do the wash.  I sure had a thrill well I was there.  I was looking out the window when a heard of  "javelinas" came by the wash house.  They went to the edge of the road ,stop, looked when it was clear they headed over to the Radio Shack area and around the back they went.  Where they went from there I have no idea. 
Oh!What a trill that was to watch them.  I never had seen the little devils before.
Javelinas are in the Peccary Family.  Their heads and shoulders are large.  The legs and rear ends are small.  They are gray in color.  The tusks do protrude from their jaws.  They do have split hooves.  They also can get very aggressive.  They have 2 or more young ones at a time.
A coyote was walking throw the wash this morning.  DesertDale got some real good photos of him.  Will post them in a few days.

The men took off riding the range this morning, once again.  Here's hoping they have a good ride.
Hope you all are enjoy life as much as I am. 
From the only one "Kitfoxgal" 

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