Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun Times At Our Sidewinder Site and Mexico

Hello to all.

We have had our "Happy Hour" times between Dick and Kay's site and Mike and Vivian's.  One day there and the next day here.  It has been working out pretty good.
This is the day Mikki and Stan stoped by to visit us all at Happy Hour.  Enjoyed the visit so much.  Now we must stop by and visit them. 

Sue is trying to hide John's  dessert from him, with no luck, at Taco Me Rancho.

The other day my sister Sue called and see if we would like to go dinner with her family at "Taco Me Rancho" in Yuma, on 4th St.
It was, as always, one good meal as always.

Here Ray is trying to get Marylin to pay the bill.
These are John's sisters Vi and Jean, all the way from Mich.

Enjoyed the company of all.  Would loved to have one of those margaritas Sue was having.   But stayed with my "Ice Tea".    bah-hum-bug.

John's folks are from Michigan.  They are staying in the Foothill area, with Sue and John.

This is the day Claudia , DesertDale and Kitfoxgal went to Mexico. 
This is just one of many sites that has goods "For Sale" to us "gringo" that comes over the border for med. appointments  and goods that are reasonable, which can be most anything.  Love those "Fish Tacos" they make there.

All most forgot to show Kay and Dick,s site, just down the gully from us.  They are our "good old" buddies, here at Kitfox Lane, who are always around to talk  too.  They come down from Silver City. every year.  Love Dick's laugh.  Kay makes one of the best drinks.  She is A1 at it.

What a way to live , Boondocking, that is.  Love it.

Just said our good-bys to Mike and Vivian, as they pulled out of the Kitfox Lane site.  Had a good visit with them and Dick and Kay.
That "nasty" old wind has just arrived. 

Take care.

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