Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Braking Up Camp Is Hard To Do

Good afternoon folks.  We are braking up camp at this time.  Will miss Dick and Kay, plus Vivian  ans Mike.
We were up bright and early.  Packed the rest of our belongings, then pulled out of our site at Sidewinder Rd.
We stop over at Mark  and Claudia's for dinner and spent the night there.

Then on to Quartzsite to dump and get that stuff you call water.    Bouse was our next stop.

Tom and Bob has been parked at Bouse for sometime now, along with a few other boondockers.

Because of that wet stuff, they call rain, the octillo are about to show their pretty red , flowers.

They are a perennial desert plants.  They need little water.  They have small, green leaves and are in the "cactus" family.  They are often coated with layers of waxes or oils that helps them with the  loss of water.  Some species, like the "Giant Saguaros" store enough water to last them when the weather is dry.
Their seeds can lay in the soil for years or evan decades , until enough water comes along .
They are one beautiful, red, flower.
We finally got set up at our Bouse site.  The "hummer's was there waiting for us.
The "octillo" are green and in the process to bloom.

Will folks the clock is striking noon time.  DesertDale has the Bar-B-Q hot and ready to go for our "Daily Brock's" feed.

Will see you in a few days, with some new hummingbird photos.I hope.


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