Saturday, March 05, 2011

Birds And Flowers At Bouse

Good morning to all you lovely folks out there, were ever you might be.  Yes , and  especially to you "C.B."

Since we had the job of baby setting Bailey , we took Bailey for a walk this morning.  Had to no trouble with him.  But he was looking for a treat, like when Carol is around, with her treats.  We just looked at him and said                "Carol not here know".  He looked sad and hung his head , walk off.

Female "hummingbirds"show the white spots on their tail when they have babies in the nest.
The white spots are a signal for the male hummingbirds to let the females eat.
The "male hummingbirds" have no part in raising the chicks.
When we took our walk this  morning, DesertDale took his   He had 400mm lens , just in case we saw somehting.

The "ocotillos" are in the cactus family.   Has just started to bloom, after the rain that the desert had, a few days ago.

I think we will take "Baily " for another small walk , that is after DesertDale is done reading and Baily wakes up.

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