Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Bowl XLV, Fun Time At Ajo Site

What a fine time we all had, 15 boondockers, at our site near Ajo.

Super Bowl 45: Green Bay 31- Stellers25 , was played in Arlington , Texas.
Rogers, Green Bay's, quarterback, was the most MVP with the win.
It was a very fine game.  Enjoyed it so much .

We had our Bar-B-Q ,lunch or dinner, what ever you want to call it, just out side our rig.  As you can see we even had TV set up in the back of DesertDale's truck.  We used sheets for shade.
 Leathea and Kitfoxgal sat with the men and watched it on Todd's TV, that he let us use.  While the other women sat and visited.
Todd has been on a sick least for the last few days.
As you can see we had so much food, no one away hungry.
Andy Bar-B-Q some chicken legs.  We had fresh veggies of all type with dips of many kind.

Lethea, Les's wife, made some of the best "chili" I have ever tasted.  I would have to give it a A1.
The weather started to cool off, so some party goers went back to their rigs, while Randal, Andy, DesertDale and Kitfoxgal went inside DesertDales rig and watch the rest of the game.

Todd just came out of his rig this morning saying he was much better and was going to do his wash and get that wet stuff  you call "water."

DesertDale and Dick went for a trail ride early .  Les just came home from town.  So we used "Spot" to see where Dick and DesertDale was at, as Les is going out to cut them off at the pass.

Another warm "desert" day. 
Enjoy "life".   Kitfoxgal

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