Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Ajo Adventure Keeps Going On

This cactus is on Rasmussen Rd. in Ajo.
The Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument should not be missed when you are in the area.  Believe me its worth the trip.
There is always somehtin to do in the desert no matter what your interest are.  This area is one of the best in Sonoran Desert.
Good morning to all you fine folks out there, where ever you are. 

Once again we are getting a whole lot of "boondockers here at our Ajo site.
When I first wrote this Jerry and Pat Krier just got parked.  Sence then many more have done the same.  Now there are some 30 or more rigs at Ajo Regional Park.
It was good to see that Jerry and Pat are out rooming the desert once again.

The weather here at Ajo has turned on the cool side and windy.

Happy Hour came too Todd and DesaertDale's site , with Todd giving us a surprise when he severed some of his "fine smoke salmon", that he caught in B.C., his home land.  Yum!Yum!was it ever good. I must say it was as good as DesertDale's.

Hello MaryAnn and Tom.  You have gave us pleasure of your company once again at our "Happy Hours".  Hope you enjoy your stay as much as DesertDale and Kitfoxgal does.
This is a female "phainopepla"
This fine bird photos was taken by no other then DesertDale has taken on our morning walks.
The male "phainopepla".

Todd and DesertDale went out on "The Berry Goldwater Range yesterday.  They went some 40 miles.  Then they worked on their bikes when they got back to camp, as you can see.

This is the "fire pit" the workers at Ajo Parks made for us.

P.S. I wrote this Blog to soon.  For at our "Happy Hour", at the main Happy Hour site there was some 50 or more "lucky" folks there.
 It was time to leave, as I hate to get up and say things about myself . 
Oh! Yes I must say "Thanks Doc"  for the "See's Candy" you gave out at Happy Hour.  It was delicious.   I even had 3 of those delicious things.

Enjoy your partner, who ever it might be.  As I do have the best .  He even took me to breakfast at Marcel'a Cafe and Bakery


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