Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ajo A Place To Relax

Good morning to all. 

What a fine site  the Ajo Regional Parks has set up for us, as they have closed down our "old site" across the gully" from the new site at Dennison Park.

Here are a few photos of the birds DesertDale has taken while we are boondocking here.

This is a "Verdin" that came by to visit the hummingbird feeder.  As you can see DesertDale is doing real fine work with his new toy.

This one is a phainopepla.  In Greek it means "shining robe."
They stay in small flocks.  They are a fly catcher.  They are found north of the
U.S.-Mexico border.

On the 28th we had one "hell of a move", all of some 3 miles, from the BLM, near Ajo, at Dennison Park.  Where Dave, Joanie, Velma, Randal, Lelon and his wife, DesertDale and of course Kitfoxgal are.  The "Late Bird" Todd just showed up.  Where we all have been enjoying the sun and the peace, after Quartzsite adventure.

Ajo was called "Old Bat Hole" in 1750.  It was abandoned of the raids by the Indians.
Then Tom Childs found a high-grade native copper. 
In 1854 the Ajo Copper Co. was organized.
Pack mules had the job of caring the ore to Yuma.
More info at Goggle.

Will folks the "SupperCross" has come on.  So time to close.

By the way we are at Ajo, AZ.  We ate lunch at a Mexican place in Ajo yesterday.  The first one on your left, when coming back from Why, AZ. , Don't eat there, poor service and food had no taste.


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