Friday, March 11, 2011

The Castaways Go On A Adventure Around Bouse

Went on a early morning adventure ride near Bouse.  That is  after we had a early morning fire.  Judy made coffee for the boondockers that showed up.  Enjoyed Nicks visit.   What a joy it turned out to be,  watching that "sunrise come up over the mountain".

Look very close at the top photo of the cactus, I took with my camara,  You will spot the "Redtail Hawk".

These are  shots DesertDale took with his camara.  You can see the differents.

Then on our way.  First stop was at the dump.  Then on to La Posa Rd. to HWY. 72.  It was about a 5 mile ride.
Then we just wonder around on the dirt roads near Bouse and seen some marvellous sites, such as the ones I posted  posted.

The first one was of this "Red Tail Hawk's" nesting in a cactus , just off the road.
We seen the hawk nesting in this same nest last year.  Hoping she would be back and she was.
We did not get real close, as she may have a little one in there.

This is a photo of the "Bouse Pumping Plant", way in the back, were we stop to turn around.

When  we arrived into Bouse we seen this van with a "donkey" looking out the window of one side .  Plus a " Brema bull" looking out the other window.

We  stop at the store in Bouse for an "ice cream" . Humm good.   We ask the clerk about the "Donkey and the Bull".  She said they put on a show in Bouse all the time.

What a adventure DesertDale showed me this time around.  I will have to give him a A1 on this one.

DesertDale is out front changing a tire on his KTM, while Todd is watching.
Then it will be lunch time for that hard working man.


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