Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Gila Woodpecker Near Bouse Plus Camp Good-By

Hello to all.
We are breaking up camp at Bouse.  Would any of you lovely people who bring  things and leave them for people to take what they want. "Please take them with you when you pick-up and leave for good. "  As the ones who are left to do your "dirty work of getting the crap to the dump", "do not enjoy doing it for you."

Good morning folks.  We had a great "round-up" at Bouse.  Enjoyed all.

We had a "Gila Woodpecker" come to visit us also, even at our hummingbird feeder.

Gila Woodpecker feeding at a hummingbird feeder.

Both the male and female gila woodpeckers have a brown face, black and white zebra striped back, and white wing patches that can be seen when they are flying.during flight. Adult males have a red cap of feathers on the top .

They are permanent Sonoran Desert dwellers.

They woodpecker can be found in southeast California, southwest Nevada, southern Arizona, southwest New Mexico and south into central Mexico.

They eat insects, cactus fruits, mistletoe berries and other seasonal fruits.

The Red-tail Hawk is another bird out here near Bouse. It has nest in this "Giant Saguaro" just a couple feet off the road, not far from Bouse. 
It returns there every year.  We drive by where each year we arrive our site, to see if it is there.  "It's there".

We also have many other birds in the area.  Such as the ones that are shown:
Ash Throated Flycatcher

Black Throated Sparrow
What beauty's they are.
DesertDale does wonders with that camera of his.

Time to go to Quartzsite.  See you down the road.

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