Thursday, April 28, 2011

Akalie Hot Spring---What a Joy

Good afternoon folks.  I am a little slow to day.  As you can see I am enjoying myself at the "Hot Springs" here at Akalie.

Our first visitors  was  no-other then 3 burros.  They are fantastic little guys to watch.  You can aways tell where they have been . Just have to look for the trail they leave  .
The birds are  here also, like the "Cinnamon Teal" duck.
It is the only duck with separate breeding populations in North America and South America.
They rarely breeds in the midcontinent prairie-parkland region.
She often places her nest below matted and dead stems of vegetation so concealed. So when  she approaches the nest,  she has to go through tunnels in the vegetation.  She does a good job at hiding it.
DesertDale caught this little guy running away, when he snap a photo of it "hopping" away.

It has clouded up today.  Yesterday there was not a cloud  in the sky at 5000 ft. 
 The Alkali Hot Spring  is all of 11 miles from Goldfield.
There are 2 remote pools, built my "volinteers",  They did lined with bricks and the pool below them, which the burrows drink out of.
Clothing is optional.  As you can see I chose to wear clothing.  desertDale did also, but really did not want those "things" on.
There are no services close by.  But there are all kinds of flat spaces to park your motrohome.

We had the pleasure of meeting Ed there when we arrived.
It is 21 miles to Tonoph.  You could not ask for a better site.  Those volunteers did a great job on the soaker tubs.

DesertDale just got back from his ride, Said it was ok but he has been on better ones.

Lunch time is long pasted due.  Kitfoxgal

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