Saturday, April 30, 2011

Love Must Go On At The Alkai Hot Springs

Good , cold morning 28, to  all.  Hope you all had a warmer night then I did.  I even wore a night shirt to  bed.
While setting in the hot springs yesterday, We saw a flock of
"Yellow-headed Blackbirds".
They start their  migration in July, but most of them will go in Aug. and late Sept.  Then in the spring males will arrive back about 2 weeks before females.
They usually move in single-sex flocks.

A few days ago DesertDale and Kitfoxgal  came back from their walk , with the camera of course . " Low and behold" those birds were still around.
There is so many interesting things going on out here in this "vast" desert. 
We seen some burros  having fun with "reproducing life."

Here are those 2 burrows are showing life must go on even out here in this baran  desert.
This little back to our rig. guy, zebra-tail lizard, DesertDale took a photo of as we were walking

We are on our way to the hot springs, that is just as soon as it warms up a few degrees.  It is up to 37 from 24.  We got  to the "Hot-Springs.  Then had the pleasure of meeting Ryan, another boodoker, that is park over in our area.


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