Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Havasu Landing Resort Adventure

Good morning to all you fine folks.

What a day I had yesterday, with a lot of ups and downs.

DesertDale, thanks to him, was one of my upers, in more the one way. Ha! Ha!
He took me on a surprise ride to the Lake Havasu area, some 65 miles one way.
Stoped at Videl Juction, at the border check stand.

 The as we drove on, we seen a lot of those pretty, red, octillos.  What a enjoyable view we had all the into the reaort,. We even seen signs of the burros that had cross the road. Plus the awesome view of Lake Havasu.

  Boy! Was I surprise when I seen where we were at,
 right at a "Casino" for lunch.

As you will see we had exalt seats for lunch.  We could see the "Tour Boat" out on the lake, making a trip.
The birds would flook out from under the dock to feed on the bugs around the dock.  Then fly back under and then make another run.

There is a air strip, a marina, 3 boat ramps, a general store, RV Park, a laundmat, dump station and a awesome view all around the "Havasu Landing Resort".

All I can say "Thanks DesertDale" for making the day for me, after such a shitty start.

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