Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Copper's Hawk and More

Enjoy life in this beautiful country.

Good afternoon folks. 
Oh! What a beautiful sunset we had last night.  DesertDale took this last night, as we were setting out doors enjoying the sunset.

The bird is a Cooper's Hawk.  The plumage is all most the same as a       Sharp-shinned Hawk.   But the Copper's head is larger and the tail longer.

The adult Copper's  do have a black cap, belly white, with streaks and a long tail.

It likes  the woodlands, brush, canyons, mountains in the southwest.

Their range is from Southern Canada to Northern Mexico.

Here are a few photos of birds, I just had to share with my readers.

 This is our "hummingbird" just getting ready to land.

This was a "Ash Throated Flycatcher"  that landed near our site at Parker.

This is a "house finch" that wanted to make friend with the little guy in the mirror.
This little guy, I just had to post one more time.  It is the "Hooded Oriole".  Their are 5 subspecies in 2 groups, of this type.  They like open areas with some trees, plus suburban and park areas.  The spices is growing in California but getting lower in Texas.
 DesertDale caught this Loggerhead Shhrike catching his breakfast, as he was taking his walk.

Must also say Leann and I done our " good deed" yesterday.  We had the pleasure of cleaning up , our site, the area near Earp, Ca.  People just don,t have enough brains to clean up after their selves.  
This land, out here is free boondocking , for 14 days at no charge.  So people need to clean up after their self's.

Have a good day.  Kitfoxgal

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