Monday, April 11, 2011

Big River, Ca. Lunch at "The Dock"

Hello to all you fine folks out there, in this land of "honey".

We were up bright and early, heading for Searchlight, NV. for a few days. 

This photo is of our Searchlight site, back in 2007.
We stayed there a few years ago with no-other then "Carol and Carl". 
Great site, as you can see,in the photo at the top 2008.

Before we left our site near Parker, DesertDale treated me to lunch at         "The Dock" in Big River.
Big River, Ca.  in San Berardino County. 
Population is about 1500 in 2007.
Can you believe the women out number the men. I fell sorry for those         "poor sweet men".

Their RV Park is ab out 6 miles from Parker, AZ.   It has a river frontage along the Colorado River.  They have access to some 40 miles of river water.  Were there is skiing, boating and fishing.

The Dock is at 150341 Del Rey Dr. and its For Sale.

We had lunch and sat overlooking the Colorado River.  Plus had the pleasure of looking out at their park and lots of birds singing away.

The service was great.  Also their "Ruben Sandwich"  was A1.

I must say I wish Terry and John, all the "Happiness in the world".  As they will be getting married on April 16th.  Love you both. 

Enjoy the view at "Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness" near Searchlight.
It is about 4,500 feet.  There arehe  several shallow washes that cut across the wilderness area.


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