Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Serchlight, NV. Plus More

Adorned with the Jolly Roger on the bow, the Time Bandit is the closest thing to a Pirate boat currently plying the Bering Sea. A family-run boat, the Time Bandit is skippered by brothers Johnathan Hillstrand during King Season and Andy Hillstrand during Opies with younger brother Neal acting as boat engineer/cook and Johnathan's son, Scott, working the deck. The two older brothers are well known for their antics: practical jokes, fireworks on deck and creative greenhorn hazing. But that doesn't mean they take fishing lightly. For the past three seasons, the Hillstrands have hit the same honey hole for King crab and came up big. The Hillstrands are not all fun and games , and their moods will turn on a dime if things get too loose and a deckhand gets lazy or insubordinate. These men believe in legacy, family heritage and rewarding hard work, all of which will play a factor this year in deciding how to hand off the helm to a new generation of Time Bandit captain.

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