Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Searchlight Plus More

Good afternoon folks.
This photo shows the damage some "jack-ass" done to the Joshua Tree.  They used it as a target plus many more was damaged at this site, near Searchlight.

George Colton was looking for gold in 1897.    At one time Searchlight was larger then Las Vegas.

We are parked at our site near the Joshua Tree area.

The Joshua Tree is a native of the states of California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.  They are mostly in the Mojave Desert, at the ele. of 1300 to 5900 ft.
It thrives in open grass land. 
They bloom in Feb. to late April.   They do not bloom every year.  It depends on the rain fall.  They also need a winter freeze before they bloom.

Here are a few wild flowers DesertDale has seen are our morning walks.
This is the Arizona Poppy.  They are yellow and have 5 petals.  They are remain open for one day.
This is a Fairy Lantern also known as the White Globe.  It favors shaded hillsides and rocky slopes.  Blooms in late spring.

This little guy is called "Chipping Sparrow".
They may form sizable flocks during the non breeding season.  They keep low in the brushes.  As DesertDale and Kitfoxgal found out on the walk.
There are 7 subspecies.  There are variation in color and size. 

This photo is my favorite.  It was taken a few years ago, here at our Searchlight site.  It landed right next to our rig.  It was taken out threw the window of our rig.
This little guy is the "chipping sparrow".  He likes to fly in the brush, all around us.  Forgot to post it with the other "chipping sparrow photo.  Got this one just as he was flying away.

Lunch time.

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