Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deadlist Catch Plus The White Crown Sparrow

Good afternoon folks.

I really had a bad time in posting the last time around. So lets try it this time and see how I do.

My favourite TV program was on once again, The Deadliest Catch, with out Phil Harris. As he passed away in one of last years episodes.  It now comes on every Tuesday, on the Discovery Channel.
They make their runs in the Berring Sea.  It is one of the most dangerous jobs, out in that harsh ocean.  Believe me it's rough.
There are some new faces and old ones.  My favourite is Capt. Johnathon on the Time Bandit.  Of course Capt. Sid not bad either.
New boats on the run this year are the "Ramblin Rose" and "Seabrook".

The "White Crown Sparrow"  do migrate.  They arrive in the winter over much of North America.  They fly through brushy and over grown fields.
One was track moving some 300 miles in one night.  They do share their terrores with the "Fox  Sparrows" but not with other types of sparrows .
They eat many types of seeds plus caterpillars, wasps, beetles an many other kinds of insects.
They often come to the bird feeders for sunflowers and other kinds of seeds.

Hope you all enjoy the week-end as I have.   DesertDale gave me a treat this morning , breakfast at the "Nugget" here at Searchlight.  I got to put 3.00 in a slot and lost it all. " Whoppy"

My daughter, Terry and Johnnie got married yesterday in Reno.   They had one fine wedding with all her brothers and family was there, but one.  I am so happy all went well.  
"Welcome to the family Johnnie."

DesertDale went out riding.  It sure took him a long time to go for a ride, this time around.. 


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