Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nature At Work In The Desert

This is one of DesertDale's photos that he took last night, just as the moon started to rise.

Good morning to all my readers.
What a day DesertDale and Kitfoxgal had, just setting out enjoy the desert sites.

We saw this "wasp" , a type of "tarantula hawks", carrying his  dinner, a dead grub, to a hole in the ground.  He found the hole he had dug earlier. 

Then he carefully buried it for later use.  As you can see did a marvellous job of covering it. 

We had a hard trouble find it after she left burial site.

A "Tarantula Hawks" has a very shiny blue-black body.  With their wings a bright red or orange.
They are found in open areas.
DesertDale and Kitfoxgal kept track of the "wasp" doing it's job of surviving out in the harsh desert.

The next site was of this  "Red-tailed  Hawk" as he flew over head.

Their head, back and wings are a dark brown.  Their underpart is a litter shade.
The tail a pale orange.
They winter in the NW.  They are seen year round.  
Their home is in grassland, woodlands, scrump and around farms.  They are more common around April to Sept. in Nevada and Utah areas.
They are the most common hawk around. 
They are one mighty pretty bird to see flying over head.
(Thank goggle for this photo.)
This bird we had the pleasure of watching not fare from our site, on one of walks.

It is the "lader-backed woodpecker".  It is found in woodlands in Nevada, Utah  Arizona and New Mexico.

Like I said what a joy it is to set back an watch nature.

The wind is blowing and I mean blowing.  So we will hang out here at our Searchlight one more day.

Enjoy the  time you have with your partner.  Oh! What fun you can have.


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