Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lake Mead- Government Wash

Good morning to all my readers.

We were up and on the go by 5:30a.m., as we heard it was going to blow and hard.  We wanted to get to our next site at Lake Mead before it blew.  Never did blow hard at the Lake.

DesertDale head that Government Wash was a good place to set up at.  Believe me it is. It has many spots with  beautiful views all over, you pick.
(thanks to goggle for this photo) Lake Mead was the creation of the Hoover Dam, on the Colorado River and become Lake Mead.

The are started in 1865, as St. Thomas.  Then it was doomed by the making of the Hoover Dam.

It drew thousands of visitors to the desert.  Then became a National Recreation area in 1964. 
It has at site on Facebook.

There are several boats on the water , fishing, jet skiing, and just boating, enjoying the water.

Even have a few birds around, as you can see.
Once again we have a fantastic site at Government Wash.

We will be head north in a few days, heading for the "hot springs"to enjoy before our trip heads to the Sac. area for doctor and business appointments.
When those are taken care of then we north to Oregon.

Enjoy the summer, wear ever you are.  Kitfoxgal.

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