Friday, April 22, 2011

Lake Mead Adventure Goes On

Good afternoon "folks".

We had one great adventure at Lake Mead.
Wildflowers were plenty, just had to look for them.  There were those very pretty "brittle bush", the sunflowers, beaver tail cactus ad the Phelia.  Now lets see if we took photos fro them all.

Beaver tail Cactus
Globe Mellow
Not sure of the name.

Fires are permitted in develop areas, fishing is good, Trout are stock thought the year, when weather is cool, check with for more info.
Hiking is good and scenic drives.
the fishing pier is a fully wheelchair sight.
We are some 40 miles from Stewart's Point where Virgina and Dick have their campsite.
Do not forget to see "The Valley Of The Fire"

The next photo is a special one.  It was taken just a few yards from our site.  It is one of the "Air Force" personal training their new recruits water survival.
Then we had the pleasure of meeting a "Lee", a man that came from Oklahoma on a bicycle.

We will be on our way, early , in the morning to Rhyolite for a few days or longer.

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