Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rhyolite, NV. The Ghost Town

Good morning folks.  It is another one of those cold, windy days, out here in the Nevada desert, near Beatty.

Rhyolite is off of HWY. 374.   It is some 4 miles from Beatty, where we just did the washing.
This is a site where they built the house with empty bottles.
There are still a few building standing.
This was the Rhyolite Ghost Casino.  I thought it used to be the Railroad Depot.  Until DesertDale to me through the "ghost town" , the old faded out sigh said it was "Rhyolite Ghost Casino".  So that is what it must have been.
This was Rhyolite Merchatile Shop.
Back in 1909 it was the 3rd largest city in Nevada.
In 1906 it had piped water, electric lines and even a railroad line.  Then in 1907 it had much more it add a few more goodies, like telephones, newspaper,
hospital, school and even a Opera House, which is still standing.

Now their casino is still standing and deck out with empty bottles on the fences.  The have been repairing, so they can be preserved.

The town started to go down hill by 1911 when the mine closed.
By 1920 it was all most down to zero.  Then Rhyolite became a "ghost town".

It is now overseen by the BLM.
This was the bank, years ago.
This building , the sign , said was the train station. 
Grave site of Mona Belle died in 1908.

There are a few boondocking site's around, just have to look for them.  There is some bike riding, whitch DesertDale has found.   Plus it is not all that far from Death Valley.

What ever you have, enjoy it.  Kitfoxgal

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