Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bare Mountain

Good afternoon folks. 

Just had to share this view with you.  We have the pleasure of looking out our front window each morning and seeing Bare Mountain.
I will even let you  guess how they got their name.

Will DesertDale said "It's  bare isn't it.  He added a few more words to it then that.
It is a range in Nye Co., west of Beatty.  It is a short range, about only 9 miles

The north end borders Beatty in the Amargosa River Valley.  It runs northwest into the Bullfrog Hills.

The highest peak is at 6,273.  The southeast range is about 5052 ft. high at Wildcat Peak.

We do go for a morning walk each morning.  As that seems like the best time for  him to view the birds.
This is a "white crown sparrow that was seen on one of our walks.
DesesertDale is going to explore a run tomorrow of a "ghost town" over Death Valley way.  To see if it's a road that is OK for the pick to go on.  If it is then that will be my  next blog in a few days.

Hope all had a "Happy Easter".  Use to love dyeing those eggs for Easter, with my kids.

Enjoy life.  Kitfoxgal

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