Friday, May 20, 2011

Birds and More Birds In Rio Linda

Good morning to all my readers.  It looks like a nice day for a change.
This photo is of a "Hawk" with a crow change it away from it's nest.

Not much going on .  So going to show off a few of DesertDale's bird photos.
The is a "Blue Jay" DesertDale caught just as he was taking off.

DesertDale has been taking these photos form Robert's home in Rio Linda, as Robert lets us park there for a couple of weeks.
                                    "Thanks Robert and Olivia."

I also must "Thanks Dan ", my repair man, for doing a fantastic job installing my shower doors.
This is a "Killdeer" in action.

Folks this is a "Morning Dove", take off from a wire, he was setting on.  DesertDale like to catch the birds in action now.

DesertDale is out side now fixing the awning.  It tore in one spot.  I will sew so it up, with fish line.  Then he will install it back. 

Doctors appointments, so will write more next time.  Hope you enjoyed the photos.  Kitfoxgal

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