Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dinner At Robert and Olivia's

Good morning folks.  I am getting a little slow on the draw.  Things have slow down for the Kitfoxgal and DesertDale, this past week.  So just bare with me.  We will be back on the road I about a week.

Here is Olivia getting our dinner set up,in their front yard.  She is such a busy woman, who lives in Rio Linda and works in Tracy, about 100 miles away.  But she still has time seeing her friends are having a good time.  As Robert does also, keeping their 5 acres going.  He put in a gravel drive way , so when his friends come to visit they have a good site to park their rigs.

As you can see in the first  photo.
I must say we one fantastic dinner.  The ribs was the best I have eaten in years.  To bad we could not share them with the rest of the group.  You were in my thoughts.

See you down the road.  Kitfoxgal

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