Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fish Lake Hot Springs And More

Good morning to all.  What a great site we are at now. 
DesertDale is getting all the bird photos he wants of many kinds.

Fish Lake Hot Springs in Fish Lake Valley.
It is a cement-lined soaking pool on the edge of a  barren desert wash. It has natural mineral water that emerges from a well casing at about  105°, at  more than 50 gallons per minute.  It is fantastic.
There is a sink, at the far end of one of the ponds, with hot running water.  Marvellous place to wash up anything like, hair, body, dishes, just anything that needs to be wash.
It is run by the county.  Even has garbage service."Hot Spring Tub"  was lined by a group called "Sneakers M.C." in 2005. They did one fine job. 

Here are just a few of the photos DesertDale has taken.  He took over 500 photos , just yesterday.
These 2 photos were taken just a few feet from our site, near one of the 2 ponds, which there are near out site.  This avocet had just taken off from the water.
Avocet's have very long legs and a very slender bills.  They eat insect and aquatics life.
These 2 avocets has just started eating what water life they can find.
These avocets took off when this osprey  went over-head spying on the avocets.
The avocets coming in for a landing, after the osprey flew of head.  They are a large bird of prey looking for their next meal.  They have a white belly, with black wrist patches.  They like fly over rivers, lakes the coasts.
These avocets are just landing, after being scared by the osprey.

A egret just stop by for a snack, so no time to send photo on it.

Like I said before this a marvellous site for DesertDale and his camera.

Enjoy the rest of the day who ever you are with.  I am very fortunate to have hooked up with DesertDale, before he got married. Ha!Ha!
I almost forgot to show you a photo of the goldfish in one of the ponds

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