Monday, May 30, 2011

Yellow-Billed Magpie Was Taken By DesertDale

Good morning to all.
This magnificent bird photo was taken by no-other then DesertDale. He has been waiting 2 weeks to get this photo. 
We were setting outdoors having a "Holiday Drink" when this "Yellow-Billed Magpie" landed with-in just a few feet of us, at our site.  DesertDale did not have his camera handing.  He actually had time  to go into our rig and get.  Came out and took these magnificent photos of the bird.

The "Yellow-Billed Magpie are only in the central  Valley of California.  All others Magpies are "Black-Billed.

Here the "little guy" is splashing through water.  "Good shot."

They may be threatened by the "West Nile Virus", plus other factors.

Enjoy all of DesertDale's photos.  "Keep it up "Old Mighty One."

Cloudy this morning.  Hope to be on the road Sunday.

Your one and only, Kitfoxgal

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