Friday, June 03, 2011

Storm Over Rio Linda

Good morning folks. 
This has been one unusual beginning of "summer" in this area for man, many years.
This photo was taken after the fact, of Olivia ans Robert's place in Rio Linda.
As you can see we have one nice site.  Robert even but a drive-way in last year,after we vacated his home.  What a "man".  Thanks once again Robert and Olivia.
There was a"tornado warning"here in Rio Linda.  It is still hard for me to believe that.  Hail was pounding the hell out of our motorhome. There was rain and more rain.
A friend or ours, Jeri, who lives in Lake Tahoe, called to tell us it was on it's way ,to hit in a very short time.   She seen it on the weather station, on her TV.  She was right, I must say.
There was a lot of thunderstorms in the valley, that day.
Believe me it is a very rare thing for this area.

Just had to post one more photo of DesertDale's bird photos.  These two mocking birds was trying to land on the same post.  As you can see, it did not work out to good. 
This is a great site to hear the birds sing,  they are doing that the whole day.  Love it.

Hope to be on the road Sunday, that is if the weather holds it pattern of no wind or snow over the pass.


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