Tuesday, June 07, 2011

John's TearDrop At SunValley,NV.

Good afternoon folks.  We made it to my daughter's home in SunValley.
Terry,my daughter, and her Husband, John, are redoing a "TearDrop".  Doing a mighty good job I must say.

In 1939 when "Homecraft" ran plans for a teardrop designed by Louis Rodgers, of Pasadena, CA., for his "honeymoon" coach.
It was a 8'x4' on a tongue-and-grove flooring on a pine chassis.  He used a chevy front axle with 28" wheels.  Then raised up the rear for cooking.  It slept 2 only.
There is more info at http://www.tinytear.cc/history/history.gif.

We made it to the Fort Sage OHV area near Doyle.  At least we made it that far.  Next stop I hope will be Bend.
It is one mighty fine site.  Weather has been "s---y"  but looks good today.
Have fun and enjoy life.

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