Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Birds At Fort Sage

Good morning to all my great readers out there.  Oh! What a beautiful morning, here at Fort Sage.
Going to the "Off-Road-Races" at Honey Lake, tomorrow. Whoopee!!!!

DesertDale and Kitfoxgal went into town, Doyle, yesterday.  On the way we spotted this hawk with her 2 young-ones on top of this telephone pole.
 So DesertDale stopped to take a photo of them.  As you can see "Mamma Bird" did not appreciated that at all.  She bitched at him the whole time we were stopped.  I mean all he was doing is taking a few photos.  So not to upset her any more off we went into town. 
She had 2 young ones there.  Could not get all 3 together at one time.
Stopped by there this morning.  The babes where trying their flying scales out.  "Mama" was still off aways bitching at us.
I really enjoyed watching her protecting her young ones.

This bird is a "Lark Sparrow" setting just out side our rig, that DesertDale took.

DesertDale finally road his KTM, after a few days of just looking at it, all of a whole 10 miles.  Thar better then nothing, I guess.

By the way, DesertDale went to his company picnic, at Rancho Marita, and received this clock for being in the union for over 50 years.
I was a good girl and did not go, had other things more important to do.

Life is full of surprises, just except them and enjoy life.

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