Thursday, June 09, 2011

Honey Lake's Off Road Races

Good afternoon folks. 
Started this posting a few days ago.  So I would have more time to enjoy the races.
Now the "WORCS" races are over , I will post, what I have now.   Tomorrow will be posting some more fantastic photos.
What a fantastic day we are having at the "Off-Road Races".

Honey Lake is a 7667 acres  of wildlife. manged by California Fish & Game Dept.
It is at the mouth of the Susan River.  It has numerous bird species.
It originally  was for the nesting and brooding of habitat of the area.
During the peak of migration there can be up to 30,000 snow and Canada geese, plus some 20,000 ducks that show up.
Then in the winter the "Bald Eagles" will show up..
A good site for more info : www.fwsgov/modca/wildlife.htn.  Hope you all enjoy the info.
The "Motocross Park" is a new addition to Honey Lake.  "WORCS" have there race this year from June 10 to 12.   "
They have some of the longest uphills in motorcross.
Here are a few more photos. Be sure to see tomorrows posting.
 Races on their first jump, after the "30 second girl ran off the field".
 First races come around a turn.
 Races just getting ready for the next races to start.
You cab just see the racer starting to go up the steep hill.
Will contionue next posting.

BLM did a great job on setting up Fort Sage Trailhead. 
Would like to think them for it.

What a fantastic day DesertDale made for  me.


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