Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bog Hot Springs


Good morning folks.

We were at Bog Hot Springs, but moved quickly.  As we did not fell comfortable around our neighbors, who move in not to long after we did.  So off we went to "Delino's Junction for the night, then to Spriner's Hot Springs.

Bog Hot Springs is just a miles south of the border. The local residents made a hole, then  made a  small dam and created a pool big enough for a few people.  Then called it Bog Hot Springs. It is a great site for the hot-springs.
The water is kept clean  by a strong flow over the rocks.
It is just  a short walk to the hot springs. Visitors in wheelchairs may be able to enter the pool with some help. Soaking is the only recreation around the hot springs.
As you can se in the photo DesertDale enjoys the soaking very much.
Hate to rush off like this folks, but Spencer's hot Springs is whating for us.  Too bad you can not enjoy the soaking with us.  But that is ok, as prefer to enjoy the view by my self.

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