Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pizza At Aunt Frances's Plus More

 Good morning to all my readers out there.
What a fantastic last few days at Aunt Frances, home in Bend.
We will be on the road tomorrow, heading for the former home grounds.  As we have fishing time coming up.  We don't what to get in a rut,  so we try to do a little something different each year.

The photo shows Aunt Frances taking the dog," Rocky", for a ride, down to get the morning paper.
What a marvellous aunt she is.  She went to the trouble to bake DesertDale a birthday cake, pulse have a salad and pizza for all her guest, on DesertDale's birthday.   I also must say that "birthday cake" was made for "scratch".  She said her favourite nephew deserves the best and that is not a boxed cake mix.  "How good it was". Yummy, Yummy.  The pizza she had was one of the best.
 Johnnie and Michele, who lives in the trail, was there to enjoy the feast.
This "Mountain Bluebird", I may posted it before, is such a pretty bird, I just had to so it off once again.  Of course this is one of DesertDale's photos.
The Mountain Bluebird's  makes their nest in boxes.  Not sure about  their nesting sites  out in the  open.  Could not find info on them.

Only the female builds the nest. The male just acts as if he is helping.   He brings no nest material.  He just drops it on the way, acting like he is helping.

Will folks, I will be posting my next posting from "Bog Hot" site, enjoying the hotsprings.  I sure will be thinking of you all.

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