Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alfalfa Curves OHV Area In Oregan

Good afternoon folks. We made it as far as20 miles in one whole day. What a trip we had, no wind, no rain, lots and lots of sun shine.
As you can see we have a great site, here at the Alfalfa Curves OHV Area. Our only neighbour is not far away.

There is no fee at OHV Area. For map info go to for more in on riding opportunities.
The area is managed by the USFS, BLM, ODF and non-profit clubs.

There are many volunteers that help keep these sites clean, thought out the year.
Just remember there is no trash cans around. So what you bring in take it out.
There is one portable toilet here.

DesertDale has went on his first run in a few days. He got rusty, only went 28 miles this time around. He is going to lose that beautiful looking body, if keeps riding those short rides. I don't care if he is 73 now, he still looks good to me. His Aunt Frances is going to have pizza dinner for him, on his birthday, so we have to make sure we are back in Bend by the 24th.
He has taken a few more rides sense I stated this posting. 
He is one dam "Good Old Fart".

Signing off , as we will be heading south.


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