Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Surprise"---A Hoary Marmont

 Good morning folks.  What a fine Sunday morning we have here in Bend.  Sun is  bright and shiny.
Went shopping at Albertson's for dinner tonight, having "Fish Tacos".  Aunt Frances wants to use here fish up, that she has frozen. Yummy, Yummy.

Here is our little friend that came to visit us, here at Aunt Frances house.
He is a"Hoary Marmot".  He moved in under the pump house, in the back yard.

He is a member of the squirrel family.  The upper part is a silver gray, the rump a brownish color, billy a paler shady and the a black V on the shoulders.  There feet are black.
They have there young ones in May to June.

They live in meadows and rock slicers near the timberline.
They are more activity by day.  They start to hibernate in Oct. thou April.
This "Little Guy" decided to build his or her, home under Aunt France's  pump house.  Aunt Frances has 10 acres , out in the county, near Bend, a marvellous site.

You all have a good weekend.  We will beheading to Milligan area for a few days.  So DesertDale can give his KTM some exercise, as it has been setting ideal for a few days.  Then back to Aunt Frances's for DesertDale's "sweet sixteen" birthday. Then on to some "Hot Springs" in Nevada.

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