Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pygmy Nuthatch, Violet-green Swallow Plus More

Good morning to all. 

The Pygmy Nuthatch
This is the "Violet-green Swallow"
These are is a few of the birds DesertDale took a photo of at our La Pine site.  As there were birds of many kind that came by every day we were there.
Post a few already, hope I don't repeat posting them.

The Pygmy Nuthatch is one of only two nuthatch species in the world known to have helpers at the nest. Offspring from previous years help their parents raise young.  (this info is from google)
They use a protected roost sites, huddles with other nuthatches and lets its body temperature drop to them keep warm at night. 
There are no records of the Pygmy Nuthatches ever roosting by their self's, they are always in a group.
They can be found in the forests, like the ponderosa or other type of pine trees.
They will nest in dead pins and snags.
They eat insects and mostly pine seeds in winter.  Then in the summer insects spiders, suet and the  sunflower seeds at feeders.
The "Violet-green Swallow"  are smaller then other swallows.  They breed in Western North America.
Their diet is of insects caught in flight.  Such as leaf hoppers, leaf bugs, ants, wasps, wild bees and beetles.

Had one fine dinner at Kayos Dinner House, where Neal is the cook, who is
Aunt Fances's grandson. What a joy to see her enjoy the meal. The Cook came out to talk to us twice. The service by all the employees was A1. The Cook did one fine job.  He gave Aunt Frances the right portion.
(thank google for the last 2 photos.)

Gloomy day, today.  But DesertDale took me for a early morning ride on Aunt Frances's side-by-side.  Loved every minute of it.  Kitfoxgal

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