Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brown-headed Cowbird Plus Four Wheeling

Good morning folks.  We are off to Bend this morning. 
We had one hell of a good visit with Velma and Randall. 
This photo is just one of many DesertDale took in the back yard at Velma's, in La Pine.
This Brown-headed Cowbird was taken by no-other then DesertDale, in Velma and Randell's back yard, at their pond.

The Brown-headed Cowbirds is small blackbirds, with a shorter tail and thicker head than other blackbirds. Their  bill has is  much shorter and thicker than most blackbirds.
The male Brown-headed Cowbirds have glossy black and a rich brown head. The female Brown-headed Cowbirds are a plain brown, with the head being lightest, with fine streaking on the belly and a dark eye.
They feed on the ground.
They live Cowbirds in open fields, pastures, meadows, forest edges, and lawns.

Now I must tell you about the "good time" Velma and Randell has showen  us. Plus fantastic dinners Velma made for us.  All I can say the dinners were "A1".

Now our "Four Wheeling" adventure.  We enjoyed some 25 mile of fun, in the hills around the La Pine area.
This view is of the Sister Mt.
This photo is of the 2 "handsome" men that showed us the way. Plus our companion "Misty".
Then we all headed back to La Pine.  As to check on the work that was being done at Randell and Velma's home.
It looks like they are doing a mighty good job building shed.

I must sign-off  thid posting, as we are heading for Bend, to visit                 "Aunt Frances" for a few days.


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