Monday, June 13, 2011

Trip to La Pine

Good afternoon folks.  We are out of Fort Sage.  Heading for Velma and Randell's at La Pine.

We stop the night at a gravel pit area, along 395, just after we got into Oregan.
What a joy we had at the sand pits.  We seen a coyote, stocking his dinner.

We seen a "Clift Sollow".

Here are a couple of phtos of the   "Sand Hill Cranes", that happen to wonder into the marsh, we were parked by.

We also seen this "Long-Bill Dow Watcher"

Then a "Antelope" came running down the hill.  No photo of him or I should say her.  But had the fun of watching her, out in the field.  Even if we had those thing all around, called "mosquitos".

Did you know that the "female mosquitoes" are generally larger than males. The females have fine thread like antennae with a few hairs. The  "males" have  the bushy antennae.

We will remmber that site as we will spend a night there in the future there, even with those mosquitoes there.

Will be having more fun times with Vilma and Randella's.

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